myBlueprint - Education Planner

Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) provides staff and students access to industry standard design, illustration, audio and video editing tools. It also provides access to cloud storage and services which work alongside Adobe CC apps and desktop applications.

What information?
Account information
  • Student number and Provincial Education Number
  • First and last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
User Generated Data
  • Career planning and goal setting
  • Portfolio building (Videos/Photos)
  • Who am I surveys
  • Post secondary transition surveys
  • Resume/cover letter
  • Core competency reflection and learning
  • Other user-generated content including communication
How is it used?
Account information
  • Provide you licensed access to tools
User Generated Data
  • Provide support for planning after high school
  • Assessment for the CLE course
  • Provide feedback to teachers on student's interests including post secondary institutions or careers
  • Resumes can be used to apply for work experiences
Alternative Options
  • website
  • In-person support and surveys
  • Word processing for resumes and cover letters
How do I see information stored about me?
  • Primarily through access to your own account on myBlueprint
How can I correct my information?
  • Contact the school to correct information about your account
  • Log into myBlueprint to access, edit, or delete content you have created from the cloud. Delete the recycle bin to remove them completely.
  • If you no longer have an account, contact
How long is my information kept?
  • Consent is required yearly. If no consent is received, your information is stored for one year, recoverable through recreating your account. After that it is deleted.